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T. Dorland Studio
One of a kind art glass mosaics
  1. All Size & Shape Mosaics
    All Size & Shape Mosaics
    T. Dorland Studio can make any design mosaic art piece from florals to seashore to wine and grapes and so much more.
  2. Custom Pet Portraits
    Custom Pet Portraits
    Your pets picture done in hand cut glass mosaic.
  3. Blue Claw Crab Mosaics
    Blue Claw Crab Mosaics
    T. Dorland Studio specializes in blue claw crab mosaics.
  1. Custom Stained Glass
    Custom Stained Glass
  2. Custom Mosaics
    Custom Mosaics
  3. Fused/Kiln Fired Glass
    Fused/Kiln Fired Glass
  4. Seashore Mosaics
    Seashore Mosaics